CanvasChamp! Canvas GIVEAWAY!

CanvasChamp – Hello all! I trust that you have been well. Depending on what part of Canada (or which continent you reside on) It may resemble spring where you are, or it may resemble winter like it does here on the prairies. My children asked me the other day if we were celebrating Christmas again (gave me quite the chuckle!)

I am so excited to share with you CanvasChamp. It is a great company to work with that takes your pictures and makes them into a special piece of art you’ll love. Bonus — if your looking to stretch that pocket book Canvas Champ is for you! They always have more than one deal going on at any given time, ship promptly and well packaged, ensuring no damage during transport.

Have you ever done family photos or taken a beautiful snapshot of a sunset and dreamed of making it into a canvas? One that is large enough to be the focal point of the whole room? Or a gallery? I am not kidding, their prices are amazing, the canvas and frame are solid too. My canvas came with a sturdy hook on the back for immediate hanging…

As you know from my intro, I love dabbling in interior decorating and pretending to know what I am doing. It is likely that you too, decorate to some degree. Turning your house into a home that suits your family and taste. Sometimes I get caught up in what I like and assume my “manly man” doesn’t care much for decorating (which is probably true) BUT making your home unique to the whole family is important. Even to the man of the house. My husband was touched by the canvas I made for him of our Plains Bison when they were still babies, around 6 months old. An overcast spring day…

Being on a budget or trying to live frugally does not mean you can’t afford to put a personal touch in your own home. CanvasChamp offers quite a wide variety of products and add ons, with the option of touch ups, frames on your canvas and so much more. What I personally liked was how easy the process was. All I had to do was upload a photo, select my options I wanted and press next. It was painless and quick. I recommend not going without the laminating add-on which is only $4.95, it adds so much vibrancy in color and protection against the elements – which makes it SO worth it!

I am also excited to share that they do Acrylic Prints, Metal Prints, Photo Collage… and the list goes on! You will have to check them out for yourselves 🙂 They offer every new member a FREE 8×8 CANVAS with your first purchase of $25 or more

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